Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked / hacked versions guide

Hello everybody today I will be looking at the Unblocked flash game Super Smash Flash 2 by McLeod Gaming most popular for its content and difficulty rather than game play which it features popular Nintendo characters such as Pikachu, Link, Mario, Goku, and Naruto etc.. and fighting it out to see who can come out on top, after all everyone every one desires to be the hero.


I always wanted to know how these characters would fare against Nintendo’s finest heroes (Goku VS Pikachu??? funny isn’t it) well you may want to give it a try after all it deserve it since Nintendo will never add them to an official Smash Bros. title. If I had to give my thoughts, the games are really really good.


The controls of the game are quite simple and easy to use you don’t even have to think about the controls after the first round anymore.

There are 4 buttons (Grapple button, shield and dodge button, special attack button, and finely the normal attack button), if you hit the direction button and the attack button at the same time Smash attacks will be possible too.

Game modes:

The only issue I have with this game is that the single-player (classic mode where the player advances from 1 level to another fighting a certain amount of enemies on each level) aspect is quite lacking which becomes boring after a few games. This isn’t a big deal though since the multiplayer is the main reason to play the game in multiplayer mode and Smash Flash 2 is a great multiplayer game.


Super Smash Flash 3 contains eight stages based on actual SS bros. series stages but there are also new ones not present in the official games, six out from the eight stages do not have to be unlocked and can be selected in Melee and Training modes and the last two stages can be unlocked by completing criteria in the game, they are also available in several single player modes where you have the choice to automatically chose them.

Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked


Super Smash Flash 2 is essentially the same as the rest of the games of the Super Smash Bros, one of the best features in Smash Flash 2 is that all landing lag from aerial attacks is automatically halved allowing for the fast-paced combat, the blend between the two styles allows for a fun game that casual and competitive players alike can truly enjoy playing it.

Who is up to Tank Trouble SWF?

Tank Trouble SWF is a free online game that combines maze-style, puzzles and battle tanks. Players head through the maze with the intent of shooting down the other tanks. This game supports both single and multiplayer for a computer challenge and fun with friends. The multi-player mode offers a challenging experience by going head to head with friends to see who can destroy the enemy’s tank first. The game also adds an intriguing dynamic to your strategy by including a three player mode. It also includes many challenging levels. The game can also be played in full screen which makes it more realistic.

Who is up to Tank Trouble SWFGame play

In Tank Trouble SWF, you must try to shoot your enemy and try to live to fight in the next stage. The game features a maze like layout to maneuver through as you destroy the enemy’s tank and keep your tank and personnel safe. The game requires strong strategies to move through the maze, avoid opponents and fire effective shots. Try to avoid shooting the wall since some shots may bounce back and hit your tank. Therefore, you need a good firing strategy in order to survive many levels. Try to collect power-ups and weapons that appear by clicking the icons. More power-ups are displayed at the bottom of the screen as points. The game becomes more challenging as you move from one level to another. The single player mode features a challenging battle with a robot dog.


When playing Tank Trouble SWF in single player mode, the arrow keys are used for tank movement and M for shooting. For the multiplayer mode, the first player uses arrow keys for to move and M key to shoot. The second player moves his tank with E, S, D, F keys and shoots with the Q key. The third player uses the mouse to move and shoot.

These are controlsTank Trouble SWF game enables you play with tanks. Your battle imaginations are realized by taking control of an army tank while shooting and blowing up your enemy’s tanks. This is a very popular and highly rated free online game. This game is fairly straight forward. All you need to do is to move around the maze like map and get you tank closer to the opponent to attack. You must consider the opponent’s movement, the barriers and the ability to fire at any point. The controls are also simple to use. This game is filled with a lot of fun especially when playing with friends.

Apple Shooter Online

What is Apple shooter Game?

Apple shooter is an online game based on archery. There are a number of game genres available online, but archery is one of the rare genres that involves actual patience, and skill of the gamer.Well, shooting an apple over the head of your buddy is something you have always seen in movies and daredevil YouTube videos. However, the stern warnings that always come with such types of actions have always made you and your crew have second thoughts of trying it at home as they are also performed by professionals. But with Apple Shooter Online, you can enjoy the thrill that comes with grabbing a bow and an arrow and aiming it over the head of your buddy but in virtual sense. What’s even more engaging is that the game is more entertaining if you really suck at it.

Play game

Overview of Apple Shooter Online

Shot the apple off the head of your pal by using a bow and arrow. If you miss you end up hitting your buddy’s head. The further away you progress, the more difficult the game gets.

How to play Apple Shooter Online

Point the bow and the arrow using the mouse to aim for the apple. Left click and hold down the button to stretch out the bow. The longer the mouse button is held, the more thrust and power it accumulates when the shot is fired. You may be the best shooter in your hood but this game will give you the real challenge. The game requires ardent accuracy with the bow and arrow or else you will shoot the head of your assistant.


The game doesn’t have age restriction. Both the old generation and youngsters can play Apple Shooter game online as a form of relaxation.

Accessing apple shooter game

Unlike before where games could only be found in game cartridges Compact Disks and downloading it via torrents, now games can be played online without having to necessary download them. All you need to access to play Apple shooter online is connection to the internet.


Apple Shooter Reviews

Reviews are the best way to judge for oneself what is good and worth your time trying and what is a big flop. With an average rating of 7.9/10, the game surely doesn’t disappoint as confirmed by Mary Forest-wood of Huston, Texas.

“Before I played apple Shooter online, my afternoons in the office used to be dull and couldn’t wait to get back at my couch. However, I now go overtime playing the game and later extend it home whenever I’m free. The game has enhanced my concentration to detail and is a must have for anyone looking for a game to improve on cognitive abilities.”

Solitaire – game of all times

Solitaire is one of those games that keep you awake for many hours. This game is a card game. You can play Solitaire wherever you want. It is a game for one person. Very important stuff in this game is patience. If you are not patience person it will be very difficult for you. Also is important that you follow card very carefully, and to be fully concentrated on a game. Almost every person has Solitaire in its computers. I can say that this game is very interesting and I recommend it to everyone.

This game is most played during working time, while your are at the office bored, no other game can be as enjoyable as this one!


First of all, you play Solitaire with 52 cards. Joker is out of use. The game can be played everywhere. You just need a flat surface or computer. From left to the right, from one to the seven, 28 cards are dealt from the deck into seven tableau stacks to the number of cards per stack. The first card of each tableau you can see, the rest are face down. Example: First card from the left side should be visible, and here is just that single card. In the second row are two cards, one of these is invisible, or face-down, and the second you can see. Then in the third row are three cards, two are invisible and the third card you can see. This proportion continues until the last row. The cards that are left is in the left corner of a table, or any surface where you play. You just need to build piles starting from the highest card.
Solitaire - game of all times


Every home stack needs to start with the ace, if you currently don’t have the ace, you have to try to find him. You will do that by moving your cards between lines until you find the ace. Yet, you can’t move your cards random between lines. Columns have to be built in a specific order, from the highest one which is king to do the lowest one which is ace. For example, you can put a 8 on a 9, but you can’t put a jack on a 4. There is no limit for moving single cards. If you don’t have more moves you need to draw new cards. On computers, you do that by clicking on the board on the left side of a screen.

If you don’t see what you can play next, you can ask for hints. Just press H.

A Brief Overview of Raze 4

Raze is once again back with a new and interesting Raze 4 game. This game is not only exciting, but it has additional levels, customization options as well as more achievements. It is a fun-filled game involving shooting down of enemies with the ultimate prize of winning many tonnes of gold.

A Brief Overview of Raze 4Basic instructions
Just like the previous versions, the game has two modes: the Aliens mode and Humans mode. An extra mode known as the Zombies mode, is available in Raze 4. To unlock this mode, the player has to get through Aliens and Humans modes. Achievements are completed and gold won by killing of the entire fleet of enemies. The gold can be used for upgrading the weapons, purchasing new gear as well as unraveling new abilities.

Similar to other versions, a character is moved around using either of the four keys; D, W, S and A keys. Aiming and shooting of a weapon is done using the mouse. For a character to jump, a player presses the space-bar. The E and Q keys are used for toggling through a player’s weapons. This can also be achieved using the shift and enter keys, or numerical keys of one through zero on the keyboard. The game is paused by pressing the P button.

Levels and achievements
In comparison to previous versions, Raze 4 has more levels. The human mode has at least 20 levels to be completed. For each level, there are four different difficulty modes. The alien mode, which has more than 15 variable levels, is unlocked when all the levels in the human mode have been completed.
Completion of the alien mode unlocks the zombies mode where the player has to kill all the zombies win and ultimately end the game. Finally, the game has 30 achievements that are either easy or hard to achieve.

The ultimate challenge – The Impossible Quiz 3

The Impossible Quiz 3 is a popular online Quiz game which can be played on most browsers. As the name suggests, winning the game is IMPOSSIBLE(Quite Literally!). All you have to do is answer questions to proceed further in the game, without further words you can play game right here


INSTRUCTIONS: The game is a classic quiz game played online using a supported browser. You are posed with questions and you have to answer them! Most of the questions are MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) though the game promises a few surprises on the way. Some questions even have a timer or such interesting tricks to make the game more challenging! You are given 3 lives to start with and as expected and you lose a life for every wrong answer! Its not as easy as you think it is!To add fun to the game, you can skip questions by earning SKIPS. However, there are only 3 to collect! There are FUSE STOPPERS to save you from those deadly bombs!

CONTROLS: The controls are pretty simple, one that you’ll find in any classic online flash game! In most questions, you can use your mouse to select the correct answer. However, some questions require the use of keyboard as well. Don’t fall trap for its simple controls, the game is not as easy as it looks!

QUESTIONS: The game poses you with quite simple questions to begin with. Those which can be answered using simple general knowledge and some thinking. However, it gets really tough as you proceed with the game. The questions become tougher and require you to think OUT OF THE BOX (as the developer calls it!) along with complex thinking! Play until you reach a point where the game becomes quite literally IMPOSSIBLE to win!WINNING:-True to its name, the game is IMPOSSIBLE to win! You just keep playing until you run out of lives!


CONCLUSION: The game is the 3rd in the series of IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ and once again a fan-puller! If you’ve played any of the games in the series before, its a must for you. You can play this to improve your knowledge or even as a pass-time to have some fun!

Roller Coaster Of Fun!

The Roller Coaster Creator game is a fun, entertaining online game.

Here is how to play:
The goal of the game is to build roller coasters tracks for the lucky customers of a theme park. You need to take them from point A, the departure line, to point B, the finish line, while collecting as many yellow coins as you can. Try to get them all to reach the target and win the level.

Roller Coaster Of Fun!Wondering how to play? It’s really easy!
The instructions are simple: use your mouse to to draw a line that will build the perfect roller coaster track from the departure to the finish line. For more details follow link.
As the levels increase in difficulty, you can also use special tools, like the big loops that will allow you to grab several coins at a time, or the lift hills that will get you to the highest coins. Let’s not forget the drops, that will get you to the lowest coins, and will help you gain speed.

You made a mistake, your mouse slipped or you realized your track will not work? Don’t worry, there is an undo button you can use that will help you start again. When you are done drawing your track, press play, and watch your train gain up speed and coins as it rushes to the finish line!

If you are lost, there is a demo before each level that will explain to you everything you need to know about the special tools you can use to help you win.

Be careful! If your construction is too risky, the train might fall or break, and you will fail the level. There are 3 stages with 7 levels each, with different settings and various backgrounds. You will never get bored playing this game, and you can retake any level whenever you want.
Good luck, and have fun competing to be the best roller coaster creator you can!

How to play Return Man 4 additional instructions

Overview :

Return Man 4 game also known as Line-backer is a brilliant flash game based around real American Football and in this case or version played from the defensive aspect or perspective. The game graphics and design is fantastic with smooth and realistic movements as well as attractive game physics.

Return Man 4 Linebacker

Game Instructions :

This game is simulates American Football with main objective of the game being to stop attackers as well as catching the ball before it gets to or reaches finish line. In order to know how to do this, you should at first learn how to move and get through the blockers. Currently in this version of the game, Line-backer, you play in defence and you will have to deal with and tackle your opponents and no in any case will you allow them to get to or reach touchdown line. In-addition, you should totally avoid getting caught by the opponent teams catchers by fighting them. Try to complete each level so as to unlock new harder levels and test your gaming brilliance. Usually first levels of the game can be completed easily; however, things get hard and tough in higher levels with attacking team getting stronger and their strategy become more decent.


Game Controls :

Here are some basic game controls which are very simple and confortable to use;

I, J, L and K buttons or Arrow buttons – They are used to move character in different directions.

§ I/Up – Moves character forward.

§ L/Down – Moves character backward.

§ J/Left – Moves character to the left.

§ K/Right – Moves character to the right.

Other keys or buttons with their special functions and moves;

§ Space bar – Dive Tackle or continue the game.

§ M – Mute the game or silent mode.

§ A – Swim.

§ S – Shuck.

§ D – Bull Rush.

The game can be played online and features multiplayer mode enabling you to enjoy playing and competing against your friends.

A Guide to Happy Wheels Best Gaming Experience

A Guide to Happy Wheels Best Gaming ExperienceAn excellent guide to Happy Wheels will tell you that the game is an intriguing and addictive graphics-based flash game. Considering the game comes with lots of blood and guts, the players must have a strong stomach. Nonetheless, it is one of the few games that combine physics with a sense of humor.

The Keyboard

Moving on to the package, the keyboard has four arrows, a Ctrl button, a space bar and letter “Z”. During the first few trials, the player gets to feel the difference when controlling his character in the game because the controls are not only smooth but also highly sensitive. Yeah, like many other games, you have to choose a character and level to begin playing. As such, the game package has a great variety of characters, but you have to start with the four basic characters that are the key to unlocking higher levels of the game.


These four basic characters are the rugged old man who rides on a wheel chair, a guy who rides a bicycle and carries a passenger in the backseat, and then comes the big woman riding on a scooter specifically made for the disabled, and lastly, a businessman who rides in a private car. These characters make a perfect personality for the highly dangerous adventures the game holds.


The primary agenda in this game is to finish one level without sustaining any injuries. To say the least, just a drop of blood disqualifies the character and results to a failed mission. The uniqueness of this game is the characters can still play even if they lose their hands or feet from a tragic fall. Once you get any body part hurt, it automatically falls off, and you slowly bleed to death. You need to apply a great deal of patience and be sensitive enough to pull the right strings in good time for you to make it to higher levels.

In addition, Unblocked Happy Wheels is one of the few games that allow players to create new terrains using its level editor.

Plazma Burst third version and first glance

Plazma Burst 3Who is up to playing some good old shooting flash games? Plazma Burst 3 – is the latest version of the game, with tons of new features and additions, new weapons, new levels, new opportunities and many more.

First of all I have to talk about start menu of the game, where you have following options: campaign, settings, multiplayer, credits, official website and play coolbuddy games. Of course I understand that some of these features are useless for you, so let’s focus on the main things.

Campaign – the very first options and of course the main option is where the story line goes, where you have to examine whole new world of Plazma Burst 3, defeat enemies, kill bosses, get weapons/upgrades and finally finish game.

While playing you will collect different equipments, some of them are pretty cool and they allow your character to become strong, you may also get different achievements and if you want you can try to complete difficult achievements just for fun.

Campaign also has custom map function. If you will press escape during the game, you will find different buttons, one of them is restart function, if your game doesn’t go so well, you can start over again. You can also change quality of the game (graphics) and controls of the game, just select your preferred buttons and you are good to go.

Multiplayer option allows you to play against other gamers worldwide, as soon as you will click this button in the game, you will be redirected on the official web-site, register your account and join other people for some shooting action fun.

Game controls and graphic settings can be changed from the menu like I have said before, if you have experience of lag just visit this section and lower quality of the game, if you will feel discomfort with buttons, again visit same section and change buttons again.

bossGame is pretty interesting and fun to play, it has many levels, it has multiplayer option, interesting story line and interesting enemies as well as weapons and upgrades.


Balloon tower defense 3

Balloon tower defense 3Balloon tower defense 3 is a game where everything that happens is controlled by the mouse. Ninja Kiwi is the maker of the game and monkeys replace the towers while balloons replace enemies. You are supposed to use the monkeys for the purpose of popping balloons which move along the track. If some these balloons manage to make it to the other side of the track, you automatically lose some points. The strategy of the game lies in selecting the appropriate monkey and positioning the monkeys correctly.

Instructions for Play
The instructions for playing balloon tower defense 3 are simple. You are supposed to be in full control of the mouse and this can be achieved by upgrading the monkey turrets and placing them strategically. You should also find a way of keeping the balloons at bay in order to ensure they don’t get to the other side of the track.

Guidelines for Play in Order to Win
There are a couple of guidelines that can help you win in balloons tower defense 3 and these are as highlighted below.
The dart monkey is the ideal choice for starting the game and this is because they are the cheapest. In addition to this, they can also be upgraded so they can pop multiple balloons at a go. This means that they have the ability of scaling well till the game draws to an end. The first monkey should be positioned close the start of the track.The monkeys should also be positioned in a manner that makes it possible for the balloons to pass them at multiple times. The maps have several locations and this can help you understand where the path leads. Consequently, you can position the first 3 dart monkeys along these intersections in order to ensure they get the chance to pop as many passing balloons as possible.Tack towers should be placed at corners since they shoot in different directions and at the same time. Some of the corners you need to choose include the 1st turn in Map one and 3rd turn in Map two.A cannon tower should be placed at the very beginning of the track once you are in a position to afford it. Canon towers provide the cheapest strategy for popping lead balloons and it is essential at map’s beginning. The lead balloons should be popped at the beginning of the map. This way, the rest of the can be popped by the monkeys.You have to defeat the Mother of all Balloons or Massive Ornery Air Blimp (M.O.A.B). This can be done with the help of pineapple bombs. The M.O.A.B is known to take longer to pop and at the beginning of the game, it is likely you won’t have the power to defeat the balloons. The pineapple bombs can be used as a supplement for your monkeys so they can do some damage control before the M.O.A.B find their way throughout your ranks.As soon as you get the money to afford buying super monkeys, do it. These are the same as dart monkeys but they shoot faster. Though they are expensive, they will pop the balloons fast and this will be to your benefit.

check previewWith these simple yet effective strategies, you can win at balloon tower defense 3. You may also check  site where you can play interesting puzzle kind of the flash game, it is my personal advice to give it a try since it is wonderful game. You can also play it on your Android phone as well as Iphone system.