Balloon tower defense 3

Balloon tower defense 3Balloon tower defense 3 is a game where everything that happens is controlled by the mouse. Ninja Kiwi is the maker of the game and monkeys replace the towers while balloons replace enemies. You are supposed to use the monkeys for the purpose of popping balloons which move along the track. If some these balloons manage to make it to the other side of the track, you automatically lose some points. The strategy of the game lies in selecting the appropriate monkey and positioning the monkeys correctly.

Instructions for Play
The instructions for playing balloon tower defense 3 are simple. You are supposed to be in full control of the mouse and this can be achieved by upgrading the monkey turrets and placing them strategically. You should also find a way of keeping the balloons at bay in order to ensure they don’t get to the other side of the track.

Guidelines for Play in Order to Win
There are a couple of guidelines that can help you win in balloons tower defense 3 and these are as highlighted below.
The dart monkey is the ideal choice for starting the game and this is because they are the cheapest. In addition to this, they can also be upgraded so they can pop multiple balloons at a go. This means that they have the ability of scaling well till the game draws to an end. The first monkey should be positioned close the start of the track.The monkeys should also be positioned in a manner that makes it possible for the balloons to pass them at multiple times. The maps have several locations and this can help you understand where the path leads. Consequently, you can position the first 3 dart monkeys along these intersections in order to ensure they get the chance to pop as many passing balloons as possible.Tack towers should be placed at corners since they shoot in different directions and at the same time. Some of the corners you need to choose include the 1st turn in Map one and 3rd turn in Map two.A cannon tower should be placed at the very beginning of the track once you are in a position to afford it. Canon towers provide the cheapest strategy for popping lead balloons and it is essential at map’s beginning. The lead balloons should be popped at the beginning of the map. This way, the rest of the can be popped by the monkeys.You have to defeat the Mother of all Balloons or Massive Ornery Air Blimp (M.O.A.B). This can be done with the help of pineapple bombs. The M.O.A.B is known to take longer to pop and at the beginning of the game, it is likely you won’t have the power to defeat the balloons. The pineapple bombs can be used as a supplement for your monkeys so they can do some damage control before the M.O.A.B find their way throughout your ranks.As soon as you get the money to afford buying super monkeys, do it. These are the same as dart monkeys but they shoot faster. Though they are expensive, they will pop the balloons fast and this will be to your benefit.

check previewWith these simple yet effective strategies, you can win at balloon tower defense 3.